The equipment I am using

I don't need many things to apply my reading method...

1. knife, marker and ducktape

To prepare the books for reading I use a knife. To mark them with my marking system I use markers with different colours. The ducktape is important to fix pages that are damaged by the knife.

2. cover storage

bookcovers I store in transparent plastic bags in a drawer to have access to them all the time.

3. gloves

the gloves I use to keep my hands clean and safe when preparing many books.

4. bookshelf



is central part of my strategy to store content.

5. plasticboxes

To have all parts of my books ready to use I use plasticboxes

6. google sheets

To administer all the books i am reading and have been reading I use google sheets

7. whatsapp

To keep information about books when i am traveling I use whatsapp as it is easier to use than google sheets online. At home I transfer the infos to google sheets

8. bag

When travelling i take many pages with me in my laptop bag so i don't run the risk to run out of good books

9. Trashbag or wastepaperbin

When at home I use a trash bag to get rid of read pages or book debris when travelling I use trash cans.

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