The 3-R method or "let things go to gain great pleasure"

1.R: Rip pages from a book and store them in your trousers or jackets pockets.

1. advantage: you have the pages always close to you when an occasion of reading comes up

2.advantage: you see only these pages and your brain says. This is easy and fast. Lets go for it. Its like fast food. Easy and fast but of course better for your health.

2. R: Read as soon as an occasion occurs eg.

in the train and waiting for it,

check in on the airport, in the plane ..,

supermarket lines and so on. Waiting is readeng

3. R: Recycle the pages asap. Means As soon as you have read a page remove it and put it to recycling eg. in a trash bin or a separated area in your backpack to go to trash later. Thus when you are interrupted you know where to start again.

Save every minute to read more. These minutes are decisive to become a top reader.

This technique opened a completely new world for me and will for you too. To become an addicted reader like me you also should just use books that you really love. To find those I use the doubleG method

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